Matthieu RAOUX
Original Publications
Olçomendy, L., Pirog, A., Lebreton, F., Jaffredo, M., Cassany, L., Gucik Derigny, D., Cieslak, J., Henry, D., Lang, J., Catargi, B;, Raoux, M., Bornat, Y., and Renaud, S., (2021) Integrating an islet-based biosensor in the artificial pancreas: in silico proof-of-conceptTransactions on Biomedical Engineering, in press.

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Reviews and Book Chapters
Raoux, M., G. Bontorin, Y. Bornat, J. Lang, and S. Renaud, Bioelectronic sensing of insulin demand, in Biohybrid Systems, R. Jung, Editor. in press, Wiley-VCH.

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