CVs of group members

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Myriam ABARKAN - 2017 Master in Neurosciences (U. Bordeaux), works as a PhD student (ANR) under the guidance of J. Lang on organo-electronic transistors and islet recordings.image catargiBogdan CATARGI -  Professor (PU-PH) at the University of Bordeaux 2 and endocrinologist at the hôpital Haut-Levêque. He joined the Lab in 2009. Fields of interest:  treatment of diabetes by pumps; new modes of insulin delivery (intelligent nanogels; collaboration with V. Ravaine, ISM). Publications.
bhJulien  GAITAN - 2003 Maîtrise de Physiologie (U. Bordeaux 2), 2006 DUT Génie Biologique. Previously at INRA and INSERM (2006-2009), Tours. Technician. PublicationsManon JAFFREDO - 2017 Master in Cell Biology and Physiopathology (U. Bordeaux), obtained an excellence PhD scholarship from the Bordeaux Doctoral School and works under the guidance of M. Raoux.
.jlangJochen LANG - studied medecine as a fellow of the German University Foundation in Germany (Würzburg U., Freiburg U.), France (Paris VI) and Switzerland (Geneva University), clinical clerkships in the US (Penn. State U.) and Canada (Bella Coola Indian Reserve, BC). Federal licence as practitioner and the FMGEMS in 1984. Thesis in neuropharmacology 1984. Max-Planck-Institut,Martinsried, 1985-1988 (purification and reconstitution of membrane-delimited neuronal signal transduction systems). Internship in Internal Medecine 1988-1990 (Geneva University Hospital). 1990-2000 Assistant and Associate Professor in Pr. C.B. Wollheim’s group (Experimental Diabetology, Centre Medical Universitaire, Geneva) developing approaches on ß-cells as a model for vesicular transport and its regulation. Prix Denber-Pinard. In 2000 he joined the IECB and created a cell biology group at the U. Bordeaux I. CV   Publications.Karen LEAL - Licence en Biologie (U. Bordeaux), 2016 and excellence internship. Currently Assistant Engineer, working on b-cell spheroïds.
amAlexandra MILOCHAU - Master (1993) and PhD (1997) in Biochemistry, Université de Bordeaux I. Assistant engineer, U. Bordeaux I 1999, she joined the group in 2003 and became Engineer in 2010. Research project: structural dynamics of transmembrane domains. Publications.image mrMatthieu RAOUX - Master in Neuroscience, University of Jussieu Paris 7 (2003) and PhD in Neuroscience (2008, University of Aix-Marseille) on the role and regulation of ion channels in epidermal keratinocytes and sensory neurons. Research project: glucotoxicity, exocytosis, long-term electrical activity of ß-cells and bio-electronic sensors. Publications.
psPier SCOTTI - Master in Genetics and Physiology, Université de Paris XI (1990), PhD, Institut J. Monod-Université Paris VII (1995) on protein targetting. Postdoctoral training at the Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, University of Utrecht and at the Dept. of Molecular Microbiology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (1995-2000) on membrane protein translocation and insertion. Assistant Professor U. Bordeaux I since 2000. Research project: molecular chaperons and traffic, role of transmembrane domains in exocytosis. Publications.
arianaAriana VILLAROEL - PhD student in a joined project with Eric CLOUTET, LCPO, supported by LABEX AMADEUS, on the use of transistors for extracellular recordings. 2012 Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Analytical-Organic Chemistry) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC, Spain), 2015 Master in Chemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials at the university du Pays de Pau et de l'Adour (UPPA, Pau, France).

naimaNaima MOUSTAÏD-MOUSSA, Visiting Professor,
Fulbright Fellowship, 2004-2005 and 2007
(Nutrition, Obesity);

University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA
Texas Tech., Lubbock, USA
mnbMarie-Noëlle BENASSY, technician from 2003 to 2008
currently assistant-engineer au INSERM U952, PARIS
itsasoItsaso GARCIA-ARCOS, PhD Student, visitor Sept. - Dec. 2007
(SND1 et traffic vésiculaire)
University of the Basque Country (
Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea)
, Bilbao
Research Assistant Professor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center
imageCharline  BLATCHE, technician CDD 2009
currently assistant-engineer LAAS, Toulouse
Nicoleta COSMA, MD/PhD Student, visitor Sept. 2012, November 2013 (Albert Renold Foundation); ADCY8, stress and glucose tolerance
MPI Psychiatry, Munich

mdMathilde DUBOIS, 2005-2007 (glucotoxicité; REGION/ALFEDIAM); currently Assistant Porfessor (MCU) Université Bordeaux 2 Centre de Recherche Cardiothoracique, Unité INSERM 1045
fgFlorence GRISE,  PhD student 2003-2006 (Ca2+ sensors and traffic),
Postdoc 2007 (Ca2+-sensors), currently INSERM U889  U Bordeaux 2 (with Violaine MOREAU)
image catargiAnton CARO  -  after his diploma in veterinary medecine at Sofia, he started his PhD thesis in neurophysiology at the Slovakian Academy of Sciences (Bratislava) on a Marie-Curie grant and joined us as postdoc in 2011 to study islets and pancreatic ß-cells mainly using microelectrode arrays.
eileen pedrazaEileen PEDRAZA - Bachelor and Master of Science in Biomedical Engeneering (Biomedical Optics and Laser Laboratory, University of Miami, 2006), PhD (2011, University of Miami) on "Engineering an Optimal Bioartificial Pancreas for Islet Transplantation using Bioactive Scaffold" and consultant at the Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami (2011-2012).Research project: Novel electrodes for the use of MEAs in bio-electronic sensors (DiaßChip). Publications. Currently Data Scientist, Southern Florida Baptist Hospitals.

romainRomain PERRIER - Master in cardiovascular pharmacology, University of  Lyon, France, (2003), PhD in Physiology, University of Montpellier, France. (2008), postdoc, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2008-2013). Research project: Development of DiaßChip. Publications. Currently Assistant Professor, U Paris Sud,.

cmCarole MONTERRAT, PhD student 2000-2004 (Ca2+ sensors and traffic)
since 2005 postdoc, Faculté de médecine/PEDI, UCL, Belgium, Director of buisiness development, Promethera Biosciences .
slSophie LAJUS, PhD student 2000-2004 (latrophilin)  postdoc CRIB  U. West England, Bristol (with Aniko VARADI).
fbFréderic BOAL, PhD student 2002-2006 (CSP), 2007-2012 University of Bristol, Dept. Biochemistry UK  (with David STEPHENS), since 2012  UMR 1048 (I2MC), Toulouse.
papinJulien PAPIN - Bachelor  in Biology, U. Bordeaux I (2004), Master Biology and Health (2006, U. Bordeaux I and 2). Thesis on glucotoxicity (2009). ATER 2009-2010. Since 2011 postdoc  at  the Université Libre de Bruxelles (working on sodium-calcium exchange in islets)., changed 2015 to King's College Diabetes Department.
bhBenoît HASTOY  -  Bachelor  in Biology, U. Bordeaux I (2006), Master Biology and Health (2008, U. Bordeaux I and 2). Thesis on structural dynamics of transmembrane domains in insulin exocytosis. Currently postdoc in Patrik RORSMAN's laboratory at the OCDEM, University of Oxford.
fannyFanny LEBRETON   -  Bachelor  in Biology and Master in Neurobiology (2011). Thesis (2014) on regulation of electrical activity of islets and screening of distinct genotypes by DiaßChip.

stSébastien TAUZIN 2003 (SNAREs), postdoc at Université de Genève (with Daniel HOESSLI), currently postdoc at  INSERM U1085  (Rennes).  THESIS. Postdoc U Wisconisn, currently assistant prof. Utah Valley University, Biotechnology.                                Séverine LE PEVELEN 2004 (CSP, P. Scotti)
                            Laurent   DUMARTIN 2004 (synaptotagmin), doctoral fellow,   E113 INSERM                               Thomas  GIL DE MURO 2005 (CSP, P. Scotti)
dh Déborah HUYGHE,  2006 (glucotoxicity
PhD student UMR CNRS 5091, currently postdoc at Tuft's. 

                               Audrey MULOT, 2007(glucotoxicity), currently PhD student,
                               U889 INSERM
                              Mohamed EL ARRAS, 2008/9 bhLaetitia COUDERT  (2008/9, synaptotagmin), currently PhD student, Université de Québéc
Angélique DESPLATS, 2012 (ADCY8), currently PhD student with F. Coussens
Isma BELOUAH - During her Master 2 in Nutrition, University of Bordeaux she investigated long-term rhythms in islets under the guidance of M. Raoux. Currently PhD student  (INRA)

Ophélie VIRALES - Currently Master 2 in Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Bordeaux. Investigated the role of transmembrane domains in exocytosis under the guidance of P. Scotti.
e bertinEleonore BERTIN  -  Diploma student (Master 2 Cell Biology and Physiopathology) in 2015-2016, she worked under the guidance of Mathieu RAOUX on the  electrical activity in islets during physiological and pathological conditions. Currently doctoral training  (IMN, team
Pathophysiology of parkinsonian syndromes).